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Places to Visit in Bhuj

Located abreast of Kutch, Bhuj is a diamond jewel in the map of Gujarat. Be it culture, ancient heritage, glorious history, or the diverse tourism, Bhuj marks its presence sublimely not only in Gujarat but in the whole nation. Bhuj is probably the most visited region in Gujarat and the reason being, it is the Read More

Rann of Kutch

Kutch- this name needs no introduction. Even you might have never been Gujarat, the splendor of Kutch won’t be a secret for you. Worldwide known for the largest white salt desert, Kutch is an international tourist destination in India. Though it is only a district, holds the honor of being the backbone of Gujarat’s tourism. Read More

Dwarka Lighthouse in Gujaraj

Dwarka- the more you’ll say about the city, the lesser it seems. Worldwide known as ‘the abode of Lord Shree Krishna’, Dwarka is one of seven holiest cities in India. It is washed with the holy water of river Gomati. Being the homeland of Lord Krishna, Dwarka also holds the honor of being one of Read More

Places to visit in Vadodara

Boasting an eventful and glorious history, Vadodara is one of very few cities of India which have been existed for a long time ago. Located on the bank of Vishwamitri River, Vadodara has the honor of being the royal kingdom of many dynasties. Thus, embracing a diverse culture and history together, today it has become Read More

Lakes in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad- you might have seen this name recently everywhere on the news. Lately, bagging the pride of being the first UNESCO Heritage city, Ahmedabad has taken the whole nation by storm. Now, it has made a place on everyone’s bucket list. This honor has certainly surged up the popularity of Ahmedabad but the city was Read More

Places to visit in Gujarat

Lately for some years, Gujarat has taken India by storm. Be it the honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji or the high-paced development of the state, it always remained in buzz. In front of these two things, people are drifting apart from the rich culture & heritage of Gujarat.  Literally means ‘the land of legends’, Gujarat Read More

Lakes in Jammu & Kashmir

When we talk about Jammu & Kashmir, we relate it instantly with the thrilling trekking destinations and snow-covered majestic mountain ranges. Right? Well, the state is something more than that.  Being the most immaculate state in India, J&K has been bestowed with the unnumbered of idyllic lakes. The water of these lakes is so clean Read More

Chashme Shahi Garden

Much has been talked and written about the heavenly splendor of Jammu & Kashmir but the more you encapsulate it, the more and more it seems to be intriguing. Snuggling in the lap of unflinching Himalaya, the state was once the favorite pleasure destination of Mughals and it is clearly vivid in the diverse tourism Read More

Places to visit in Sonamarg

Among the unnumbered of alluring hill stations of Jammu & Kashmir, Sonamarg is one of them. Literally translated as ‘meadows of gold’, the hill station is perched amid the majestic Himalayan ranges at the elevation of 2730 m. Its location at such a high altitude makes it a secluded heaven brimmed with spellbinding glaciers, splendid Read More

Places to visit in Gulmarg

Being home to the unnumbered of lush meadows of flowers, the cup-shaped hill station is the most shining jewel in the crown of Jammu & Kashmir. The glorifying vista of Gulmarg makes it one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in India among others. The snow-draped mountains, vibrant meadows of flowers, teemed forests, and sky-scraping Read More

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